here lie the bones.

Epitaph: A brief statement commemorating or epitomizing a deceased person or something past.

Each day I realize with growing certainty that my epitaph will; in all likelihood, resemble something close to-

“Here lie the bones of Tiffany Eriksen, a horrible wretch of a woman, selfish, proud and self-serving.”

So the question posed is, ‘What will your life speak about you when you’re gone?’ As you can see; if I were to… say, fall of my roof tonight as I go out for my nightly dose of star-gazing and die, I don’t know that my epitaph would say quite what I intended for it to.

A principle similar to my opinions on testimonies, I am convinced that when you form a simple summing up of your life, (the epitaph) it should wholly reflect the glory of God. When I just simply glance at what my life says about me through the lens of my daily sin filled life then that is exactly what I am, a horrible wretch of a woman.



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2 responses to “here lie the bones.

  1. Don’t you think your epitaph would say something more along the lines of this?

    “Throne seeker, modern-day abolitionist, justice warrior, spontaneous prankster, tragically opinionated, reciever of grace, vivacious traveler, uniquely standard, strategically living life on a whim. ”


    If we are only looking at our “sins” then we aren’t looking at the entire picture of ourselves. Isn’t what we strive for as important in our lives as what we accomplish? I think that being aware of our faults and working toward fixing them is a form of “perfection”. Self awareness is key to being and becoming a better person. But beating ourselves up can only serve to keep us in our place. Rejoice in yourself and you will be who you want to become.

    That is how I live. I’m not saying that I find myself perfect, far from it. But I would like to think that I would be remembered more for what I strove for in my live rather than what I failed at – as long as I am working hard to be a better person all the time.

    • I agree completely. Thanks for the thoughts Grace- I guess it’s an incomplete post 🙂

      Pinholing your view on only negatives can cause for despair rather than hope of redemption or further growth, not exactly the point I was trying to make. 🙂

      I’ll have to rethink and maybe do some editing.

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