Enter: The Chef

If you know me at all, you know that I love to cook for people. Its a special little piece of me that my close friends get to experience on the regular.

Tonight was Le Dîner de Famille (I used google for that, I’m not nearly accomplished enough to pull french phrases out of nowhere.) My roommates Beth and Amanda joined me for some phenomenal homemade alfredo sauce and pasta!


 My  firm belief is that everyone can cook, you just have to put the effort in to figure it out! I didn’t really use a recipe for this, I just went off of basic knowledge or what makes a cream sauce and what I remembered from making it earlier this year.


2 c. of heavy cream

1/2 c. of butter

10 oz of grated Parmesan cheese

cracked pepper

cayenne pepper

1 clove of garlic

Set all of your ingredients out first, especially if you are cooking by yourself- the sauce is very easy to burn and takes a lot of attention so you don’t want to be running around the kitchen.

Heat the cream on medium to low heat, slice the butter and add it- constantly whisking to keep it from curdling.

Make sure you have your garlic chopped finely so you can just add it in- peel the garlic and crush it with the blade of your knife then chop it very finely. You want this sort of consistency-

Add the garlic and the cheese, stir it in slowly so it doesn’t clump up and melts well-

stir. stir. stir. stir. stir.

don’t stop stirring…

Once its reached the thickness that you would like you can remove it from the heat

Hopefully this whole time you have been cooking the pasta, chicken, bread or whatever item you are pairing the sauce with.

I chopped up some tomatoes to put on top of the pasta- I think the fresh tomatoes add a lot to the flavor.

You should end up with a great meal to share with some friends- warning, it is much more filling than you think!

Add the tomatoes, cracked pepper and a little bit of cayenne pepper, and you’ve got yourself some pasta to rival Olive Garden.

Bon Appétit!




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8 responses to “Enter: The Chef

  1. jterrill

    I enjoy cooking but usually follow a recipe I have found on the food network or one of my dozens of cookbooks.
    I will definitely give your recipe a go the next time we have pasta night. I especially love the idea of adding the fresh tomatoes at the end. Bon Appetit said in my best julia child accent, lol.

  2. You definitely should try it out! It was a great meal!

    I tend to not follow a recipe because it just distracts me, haha! I just throw whatever I feel like together. I vote sometime in the next week you just get wild and throw a recipe out the window and take the cooking as it comes… liberate yourself!

  3. jterrill

    I will accept that as a blogging challenge…thanks for being an inspiration!

  4. stewardphotography

    I’m going to have to try this out. Been looking for a good Alfredo rec for a while… *fingers crossed*

    • It’s so good! I will say that the seasonings are what really make it great, if you aren’t afraid of spicing it up- get a little crazy!

      The cayenne pepper is great in it and I’m fairly certain that if you chop up some fresh basil it would add some great flavor. Enjoy!

  5. Found you through The Daily Post’s blog buddy list 🙂 I love your entries. This looks delicious!

    I’ve subscribed. ❤


  6. love reading food posts. looks good!

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