Wrinkles are just smile residue…

Last night My friends and I discussed the wrinkles slowly making their way onto our faces. It probably had something to do with turning 25 and all of us realizing we’re on our way to old age much faster than we would like. Since I’m not sure I laugh more at any given time than when I’m with my friend Courtney I’ve decided to blame my wrinkles on her.

My opinion is that wrinkles are just the residual effects of smiling throughout your life, so I’ve decided to share the things that make me smile:

These faces:



This child:

This card:

Iron and Wine:

My new mug:

This book:


What causes the wrinkles in your life?



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3 responses to “Wrinkles are just smile residue…

  1. The Modern Flea Market takes the cake!
    That’s nothing like the flea markets I used to haunt.
    Ciao, Charlie

  2. Courtney Vestal

    If there is one thing in this life I would voluntarily take the blame for….it would be your wrinkles. My presumption, is that at the age of 85, we will both have the same wrinkles on our faces, in the same antiquated places. My foundation for this presumption? Well…….I have a sneaking suspicion that for as long as we are growing old, we will do so together, engaging in the same experiences, and the same laughter, for the entirety of our journey. Happy 25th my dear friend. Cheers, to the future laughs that await!

    Best friend.

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