Your Guide to Teal

A friend of mine sent me a link the other day of this great DIY blog. One of the first pieces that popped up was this incredible rustic teal island- it of course caught my eye just as everything else that is teal, turquoise or green does:

This woman BUILT the island… I wish I had that sort of ingenuity. You can find the blog here, it includes great blueprints for all the projects and is user-friendly.


I am so building that one day…



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5 responses to “Your Guide to Teal

  1. stewardphotography

    I’m so going to try this out. I’m not sure about Teal, but I’ll have to find something equally eyecatching ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. kelly d

    Hey tiff i miss ya! you know what i did that you could do if you don’t build this …go thrifting or yardsailing for a cool dresser or sideboard the right height. buy a butcher block countertop from Ikea and let it overhang and attach with brackets and screws from underneath and attach to those long spindle thingies like(staircase things?) then paint or paint at the beggining. change out any hardware.. would be awesome!!!

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