Driving down a “fair lane”…

I’ve recently discovered my jealousy streak… I notice that it comes out when I see a great idea that I wish I had first. This is how I feel about everything in my friend Daniels apartment.

I wish I was just half as cool as him.

My first twinge of this jealousy sprung up on my initial glimpse into the apartment when I spotted this incredible piece on his wall.


I severely wish this was in my house…

The gorgeous leftovers of a Ford Fairlane Town Sedan. Daniel didn’t age it or do any sort of restoration work to it. The doors have aged gracefully on their own. I’m a huge fan.

I’m quite convinced anything can be art. Daniel just proved my point perfectly.



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6 responses to “Driving down a “fair lane”…

  1. Daniel is way cooler than both of us. Maybe we’ll catch up after we find the perfect junkyard….

  2. Daniel

    Can I just say that I am now a HUGE fan of your blog?!?

  3. (that is, where did Daniel find the Fair Lane?)

  4. Daniel

    I found it at a junk yard in Dallas, Texas a few years ago. I didn’t even have the right tools to get the doors off. I twisted them off until the metal brackets broke, haha.

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