Destination: Thailand

One time I lived in an oven for 9 weeks straight…

At least it feels that way when the heat hits you on the first step out the doors of Bangkok’s airport. My visit to Thailand was by far one of the distinct highlights of my life. I traveled from Bangkok to the northern border town of Mae Sai, staying over in Myanmar for a night and then slowly making my way back down to the southern coast town of Krabi, and finally traversing back to Bangkok for the final month of the trip.

I spent that entire 9 weeks with my incredible kindred spirit Courtney:

Courtney is actually the reason I thought to write about Thailand today. Its her birthday!

By the way, everyone that reads this is required to go leave a happy birthday message for her in the comments… and if you don’t… I know who you are.

Some of the greatest memories we have made in our friendship were while we took over Thailand. Not many days go by where one of us doesn’t inform the other of some epic memory we made while there. I’ve decided it is nostalgic self-abuse…

So here are a few memories we made that I thought I would share, I highly recommend taking an incredible journey with your closest friend sometime in your life. I even put it in my top 25 thing to do before 25 post. That’s how much I recommend it.

When in Thailand…

Be sure to hang out with an Elephant or two:

Trek through a cave filled with bats:


See all of these things:

Spend time with these children:

Do this:

Then spend your last night riding around in a tuk tuk, chilling with old indian men at a hookah restaurant and walking the streets of Bangkok at 1am:



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4 responses to “Destination: Thailand

  1. MommaDuck

    LOL! Great memories! Happy Birthday Courtney! Love you two girls.

  2. Happy Birthday, Courtney.

    The last time I was in Bangkok my plane almost crash landed. We thought the landing gear was stuck during our ascent departing Tokyo.

    No radar back then, 1963, and your road to the city was just getting paved.

    All I remember is that is hot and sticky. Late November, the same year JFK was assassinated. The people were all lovely and kind.
    Take care, Charlie C.

  3. jeanne

    Thailand looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing your bff holiday. Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

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