My kindred spirit Suzanne and I decided after a week filled with work, our new addition of masters classes and our recent lack of adventure that we needed a good dose of downtown relaxation and adventure. We visited the always interesting and unique antiques shop in downtown Lynchburg and came upon some lovely finds, then made our way to the porch of one of our favorite coffee spots and made one final stop on 5th street where we drooled over the beautiful early 20th century houses. It was a very successful afternoon filled all of our favorite things.

Upon arriving home Suzanne found that her recent order from Barnes & Noble was on her doorstep… we flipped through some of her the books and found an interesting quote:


People in their teens to twenties who generally listen to indie rock, hang out in coffee shops, shop at the thrift store, and talk about things like books, music, films, and art.

The great thing about this quote is that it has brought to our attention how incredibly cool we must be, since we did all those things today. We feel better about being 25 and still being hip according to society- we’ll just continue to grasp onto that little encouragement since the 20’s are passing by at the speed of sound.

I don’t know why Suzanne got a heart in hers… all I got was swirls.

Don’t be deceived, January in VA has surprise 60 degree days. Little blessings.

Suzanne is definitely one of the hippest hipsters around, we were made to be friends.




Lynchburg has its own little beauties

We’re going to move into this house… Suzanne may need to leave her husband for that to work though…

These are the spoils of our journey. Please note we got some great Iron & Wine vinyls even though neither of us own a record player.

We’re going to fix that soon.

Recommendation: go spend the day doing all the things you love with someone who loves them just as much as you. It is incredibly refreshing and who knows, you may find out that you are much more legit than you ever expected.



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3 responses to “Hipsters

  1. Well Tiffany, all was going along well until the PIC of the house popped-up, and I thought about the size of the utility bill to heat this beauty!

    One will need a special relationship with the HVAC people to enjoy it to the fullest!

    But, you can dream can’t you? Take care, Charlie

  2. This was such a fun day, friend! Hipsters we are…..

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