little lessons.

She dances by, delight sparkling in her eyes. She looks up, smiles in the security she feels with her Daddy holding her hand. Her braids bounce innocently under the oversized cap askew on her head, the hat silently cheering for a team unknown to her. Nestled in her plump coat and bundled in a scarf as colorful as her personality, she floats along. She is unaware of the busy world around her. She is focused solely on one man, a man who in her eyes does no wrong and is invincible.

She does not feel anxious or worried about what lays around each corner of life. She has, in her hand all the safety she needs. Her tiny fingers laced in the palm of his enormous hand, it engulfs the entirety of hers.

What has he taught her about this world? Did he tell her about pain? That it is inevitable and how it will affect her life? Who will it mold her into? How long before pain will steal the innocent giggle that so uncontrollably escapes her lips? Has he told her to be ready for that day?

What else will he tell her, teach her? What secrets does the world hold for her to yet learn?

He will teach her that even amidst that pain there will be joy. She can take delight in the unconditional love her father gives her. Does she understand the security that is represented in her innocent trust? She relishes in the comfort, the safety that resides in her father.

He will teach her about love. Does she know she deserves all of the love and respect in the world? She will learn that she possesses a beauty uncontested, that no other form of beauty can surpass the loveliness of her pure heart. Will he tell her how to protect that? Has he told her to not give that away, to not let her love and beauty go to just any man? Has he taught her that if she will respect herself and in turn ask for the respect that she deserves?

He will teach her the great value she has. That her price is far beyond all that riches that anyone could give, and that she is beyond the cost of all the jewels on earth.

Does she know, has he taught her that there is one Man, that has already gone the distance for her? That he is only Man that would ever give her everything… by giving up His everything?

Has her Daddy taught her this?
Has he taught her how priceless she is?

He walks confidently, aware of everything. He grasps her hand gingerly, yet with all the strength he possesses. Does he know how to guide her? Does he know what to teach her? Does he know how important it is for him to teach her these things? Does he know how important it is to hold her hand now?

Does he know how important it is for him to someday let it go?



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