Collective Life

I’ve thought long and hard about how to convey the topic for this project with enough eloquence and passion to help achieve the goal of typeTAP’s whole campaign tomorrow.













I’m still thinking.

From the moment Suzanne and I first connected with Becky and Jody it was apparent that they wanted to move the world. They did not simply want to be part of life and do some social good here and there, they wanted to see change happen before their eyes, and they are unstoppable.

The current project is a campaign to raise $22,000 for a small organization in India that trains men and women to fix the THOUSANDS of clean water wells that have broken in the past 20 years. They fix the wells, provide clean water, improve local economy and everyone gains a little piece of dignity. Win-win-win-win.

typeTAP came about from a brainstorming session between Suzanne, Becky, Jody and I. It was a conversation of hope and unrealistic expectations- generally how I like to live my life. What if we could gather a collective of bloggers to write about this issue and raise thousands? Outstanding concept… but only a vague idea on how to execute it. Becky said, “Well, this sounds great. I like the idea, we’ll see how it may work and get back to you.” A few days later we get an email from Jody: “You girls are going to regret talking to us after this.” The idea was in play…

50 bloggers. Inspire 10 readers. To donate $20. Each. $10,000.

We’re building a collection of our lives for the purpose of saving other’s lives.

This is totally possible.

120-something bloggers, a matching $10,000 gift and a few videos later… this initiative has blown our minds.

So prepare yourselves. I have an average of 25 views per day. This helps me to know that at least that many people will be exposed to this need tomorrow and can donate $20. If you read my blog I only hope you are interested enough to buy into what I’m passionate about.




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5 responses to “Collective Life

  1. goosebumps.
    Love you.
    What a privilege to work with you…

  2. MommaDuck

    Wow! Amazing!
    The video is great, this idea a little over my head but the affect it is having is beyond comprehension. . . .
    I can’t wait to see where this goes tomorrow.
    The affects of this will be far reaching for years to come.
    A little becomes much.

  3. nice.

    thank you.

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