Wanderlust via Wonderbus

As if I haven’t been blessed to be able to travel enough recently, I just returned from a trip to NYC with Suzanne.

Only in my dreams am I really good at pulling out my camera for random shots to capture the memories my friends and I create. I usually am too distracted or caught up in the moment to actually capture it.

Luckily Suzanne and Allyn were not in their own worlds as much as myself and had the forethought to actually keep their camera’s handy. So these pictures are courtesy of them, and I did not get permission from them for their use, so a lawsuit is possible- but totally worth it.

Nothing like starting the adventure with free coffee from a friendly stranger, chipotle and a new adventure experience on the Wonderbus with our drivers, Yung and Thurston.

We took in a few city sights including the Statue of Liberty via the South ferry and a brisk walk through Central park all the way from the Gugg museum to the Plaza Hotel.

We had a taste of the city, all spectacular. Some authentic NY style pizza from Johns, espresso in Chinatown, a stop at Sweet Revenge in West Village with our lovely friend Becky and finally our new favorite spot in Little Italy- Da Gennaro. INCREDIBLE.

A fabulous weekend filled with wonderful friends… what more could a girl ask for?

FYI: Central Park comes complete with inspirational messages. #winning



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  1. I just read your post on Da Gennaro we were there recently and I just posted our dinner. It is our Favorite place in Little Italy and we were happy to hear others consider it their fav too!

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