savor the bliss in life.

There are numerous reasons why I particularly enjoy the company of my friend Bekah, not only is she an incredible hostess, someone who is willing to help anyone in whatever ways she can, and a great clove and coffee buddy- she has impeccable taste… that just happens to mirror mine.

So after stalking this wonderful blog we happened upon, we decided to take on a simple, crafty and fun project. Two and a half hours later… our hands are sticky from glue, there are fabric shreds everywhere and a slight pain in our necks from hunching over. But, we have accomplished our project, with great flair and class… enjoy.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful time of bonding over glue, block letters, fabric and perfectionism (as we both suffer from it). Bekah picked out her favorite grandma fabric and I found the case that my sheets came in, so it ties into my bedroom.

Overall, a very successful night. I highly recommend grabbing a friend this week and doing something you both enjoy on a whim.


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  1. Sherrie

    Beautiful! I love crafting with friends 🙂

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