I have craft hangover.

I blame it completely on last weekend when I sat at home in my slippers and sweats and did five projects.

Bear with me, I’m putting them all in this post.

Project 1: Initial Books

This was my first project of the weekend, they were intended to be a gift for a friend’s birthday but I may have let my pride get in the way when they didn’t come out as good as I would have liked. I gave them to him anyway, but I obviously could not let them be his official birthday gift.

I made templates for each book, traced them onto the front cover and worked my way through each book with a sharp knife and scissors. If you attempt this, you will cut yourself- just a warning. And it won’t heal for at least a week.

P.S. These are Religion and Philosophy books which is Daniel’s degree. If you plan to use them as gifts, get creative and maybe choose books that reflect that person in some way.

Project 2: Manly Coasters

Favorite. Favorite. Favorite.

These were the second attempt at Daniel’s birthday gift. Super fun to make, not too difficult and so cool.

I got some manly colored tiles from Lowe’s, and picked a color from the paint chips that I used on all of the tiles. I recommend getting a few more than you really need because it’s fairly easy to botch them when you cut them out.

I made a template for each icon I wanted on scrap paper and transferred it to the back of the paint chips. Carefully cut them out, I recommend scissors with very pointed tips. Glue them on the tiles using super glue, do your best to get all the edges flush with the surface.  After they’ve dried, apply modge podge all over the surface. You can apply however many coats as you want, I think I did about 5 as I wanted a really thick coat.

Those are so manly. I love them. The fourth one became a bow tie.

And they’ve found a lovely new home.

Project 3 & 4: Quote Canvas’

It was Bekah’s birthday too! Inspiration hit me when I saw a quote by her favorite poet Emily Dickinson. So I hunted down the perfect quote for her and made some stops for supplies.

All you need is a canvas (I got one that was a print canvas from the store, it just had a simple fern on it, but you could get a plain one or choose to paint a solid background), some vinyl letters and your choice of paints.

I got the removable 2″ letters so I could easily work with them, I was concerned that the paint would bleed on the edges but they came out perfectly. Space out your letters and simply paint over them, get creative with your color choices. I used white acrylic paint and then dusted it with gold spray paint.

Bring me the sunset in a cup

I also did this one with leftover paint and letters, and a similar canvas I had at the house.

F.Y.I. Mumford & Sons lyrics are always a great choice.

Project 5: Moleskine

I did the same thing with the Moleskine, and I actually just reused letters from the canvas. I just did a really light coat of white all over the front, not covering all of it and then placed the letters. I only painted about halfway down the letters with the yellow and it gave it an awesome effect.

Not the greatest picture, but it came out so great. I love this journal. Then I gave it to a homeless man. Guess I should make another…

Round 2? I think yes.



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2 responses to “Hangover

  1. I love the coasters!! And…I use them accordingly, depending on what I am wearing, drinking, smoking, or growing at the time. Which means I also need ones with a feather boa, cosmo, clove, and mullet.

    I also love the books, and they make a GREAT quick read.

  2. Sherrie

    Oh girl 🙂 guess you got my creative gene. Love these ideas.

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