The Fight for Dignity

A few days ago Nicholas Kristof wrote a short report about a recent visit to a rape center in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The descriptions of story after horrifying story of girls as young as 2.5 MONTHS suffering and even dying from rape and STD’s was incredible. The nausea that swept over me while reading these accounts was overwhelming, I felt as though everyone should know about this, everyone should be aware, disgusted, and doing something.  Yet, we somehow don’t seem to connect the dots between our lives here and their lives overseas. Somehow, we allow it to be ok. We allow ourselves to remain unchanged and uninterested.

It doesn’t take an educated mind or critical deconstruction of history to see the events that have shaped the course of women’s rights. Many battles have been won here in the US; the right to vote, the right to equal pay and equal employment, even the simple privilege to be treated as an equal because it is demanded by society. However, the war is still raging on in developing nations as if they were stuck in the backwards thinking of societies from centuries past. In numerous nations we find that women are still regarded with little to no value, thought incapable of having a career and developing themselves into educated and valuable members of their community. It’s easy, so easy… to allow these tragedies to victimize women and girls like those in Kristof’s article. We are thousands of miles away, and we don’t have to suffer the same fear or humiliation… we just have to deal with the momentary disgust.

The issue of dignity for women is something you have already seen here and will continue to see, it will be the annoying and persistent water drop from a leaky faucet, I will always come back to it. But I will never dissect the topic without presenting a solution.

Photo by Esther Havens

You all have heard my passion and regard for the things that The Adventure Project is doing. I remain invested, engaged in the battles they fight against global poverty and for global dignity. Our current quarterly project is focusing on health care and dignity for women in Uganda. Throughout the month of October we hope to provide 500 women the opportunity to develop a career and save lives. Living Goods is the “Avon of Africa”, they supply healthcare providers all the things necessary to impact their community and treat women and children who are dying at an unbelievable rate from preventable diseases. Check out the campaign here.

I’ve created a fund-raising page with a huge goal, similar to the one you saw for the TypeTAP campaign. That campaign you guys knocked out of this world. Check it out and educate yourself on the cause. I’ll be digging into it more in the coming days, but for now- simply get a grasp on this, it’s just one solution of many to the issues facing women all over the world.

It’s a way to invest beyond yourself. It’s a way to change how you give.



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  1. Thanks for loving without growing tired, Tiffany. Appreciate you much.

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