Today I turned 26. So to celebrate rather than have a crisis like I did last year, my best friend Courtney and I thought up all the blessing, beauty, and love we have in our lives.

So. Cheers. To birthdays.. getting older and hopefully… wiser.

Cheers to wanderlust, yet being grounded in the things we know.

Cheers to sharing sweet sadness and uncontainable joy.

Cheers to sustainable growth from our mistakes.

Cheers to being less skeptical of love, people, and life.

Cheers to understanding depth of friendship, despite time or distance.

Cheers to replacing deteriorating habits with healthy ones, in life, in love, & with the Lord.

Cheers to the sweet sound of laughing our way through memories.

Cheers to learning how to appreciate our life and the people in it, more than the grass on the other side.

Cheers to wandering… without getting lost.

Cheers to living in the moment, not the moment ahead.

Cheers to rainy days that prompt nostalgic memories.

Cheers to wishing we were in Ireland every day, but knowing we’ll return one day to live in a little cottage on a hill down the bluff from my best friend.

Cheers to living out dreams

Cheers to living life as if you will always be young, but with a sense of wisdom and understanding that can only come with age.

Cheers to never getting old. Or never feeling it, at least.

Cheers to growing old with people who will always recognize your soul

Cheers to holding life with open hands and a willing heart

Cheers to hammocks, breezes, cherry limeades, and understanding the meaning of life lies in simplicity.

Cheers to letting go of fears: The ocean is our friend, Jumping off high cliffs is freedom, Exposing our ‘ugly’ features allows for vulnerable beauty.

Cheers to seeing beauty in all things from the closest of friendships to the tragedy of change.

Cheers to not wallowing. Seeing what is to change, and simply changing it.

Cheers to truth, beauty and sadness- because they all exist and each teach us something of this life.

Cheers to us. To our journey thus far, and the journey’s that lie ahead.

Cheers to the sweet times, the laughter, the vulnerability.

Cheers to knowing that no matter where life takes us, our spirits will roam with one another’s.

Cheers to our friendship and our beautiful, beautiful lives.



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2 responses to “Cheers.

  1. Happy birthday! I pray that this is a fantastic year for you. I’m so happy that you’re blogging again. I’ve missed your voice. Cheers! 🙂

  2. I remember my 26th well. It was the year I flew around the world on business. And, the day I landed in Tokyo, and checked in at the hotel, I saw the Japanese TV announce his death. That will always be stuck in my head.
    Happy Birthday to you. Charlie

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