Another Year, Another Adventure

This past year has been one of the most difficult, frustrating, and painful years I’ve ever had.

But, I’m blessed- because despite the difficulty of my 25th year, there was also much joy, love, and learning I was able to experience. One of the best, most influential part of my year was getting acquainted with Jody and Becky and their incredible grassroots organization, The Adventure Project

They way I’ve been challenged and inspired this year by their campaign has certainly played a major role in the ways I’ve developed my worldview this year. I’ve been so blessed to journey with them and be able to take the people in my life along with me.

This year for my birthday the thought of donating my celebration to the Haiti Campaign made sense. It was not a difficult or crazy idea to me whatsoever… however, the challenge of actually upping my goal to 26 stoves was daunting.

And then I remembered… I am surrounded by people who are just as concerned for others, who are just as committed to creating sustainable solutions and who are not only excited- but passionate about maintaining dignity. This was going to go just fine.

And here WE are… 28 stoves later and I’m blown away. We’ve breezed by 26 with no difficulty… and I’m once again reminded of the love and concern the Lord has placed in each of us for those who are in the midst of crisis. I feel so blessed.

 500,000 are still in tent camps, living in the rubble of their past lives- each day being reminded of the devastation and pain of two years ago. Yet, through the collective heart of The tribe of AdPro supporters, 662 families and counting now have a healthy, profitable tool that can improve their quality of life and income. What an incredible journey to be on.

So thank you, to everyone who gave me a stove for my birthday, turning 26 was made into a more beautiful and meaningful experience than I could have hoped for.

The work isn’t over though, if you haven’t checked out the campaign please do so. You won’t regret it. Consider the best $20 you’ve ever spent. 



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