6 Impossible Things

“Sometimes I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.”

-Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland

Interestingly enough, I can name at least 6 things I did this morning that are impossible for 783 million people… (UNICEF)

783 million. Let that sink in.

My list of impossibilities:

1. I took a shower without worrying about my health.

2. I drank a cup of water without getting a parasite.

3. I ordered a latte without having to consider if it would make me sick.

4. I brushed my teeth and didn’t have to choose between that and my health.

5. I washed dishes and didn’t have to worry about contaminating those I love.

6. I came to work, because unsafe water doesn’t stop me from having a successful career.

How many impossible things did you do before breakfast today?

Photo by Esther Havens

 Today is World Water Day, and because of a little organization called The Adventure Project and a campaign called typeTAP, last year’s World Water Day changed these lives.

They can do impossible things now too.

This year we’re hoping, praying, believing that the vision we have for seeing the water crisis end will be greatly impacted by the next 12 hours.

Every donation made here before midnight will be doubled by The Prem Rawat Foundation! What an opportunity!

Last year the Adventure Project community (that includes you) raised $23k in one day… (add that as impossible thing number 7). And this year the opportunity has doubled in size. We have a $25k matching gift from TPRF…


In 24 hours.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Think of all those impossible things you did this morning… impressive? Go ahead and turn yourself into a superhero too…

Donate here

Blog about it, get your resources here

Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter: @Ad_VenturePro, #WorldWaterDay, #WWD, #typeTAP


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