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Water Wise

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Tomorrow is World Water Day.

Isn’t it interesting how little we value a necessity that most of the world’s population goes without?

The Adventure Project is gearing up for our 2nd annual typeTAP campaign, you may remember last year’s post on World Water Day and how we were able to raise over $23k to create sustainable solutions for the water crisis around the globe. For a refresher, check out the results from last years water campaign here.

Check out this year’s campaign and consider being a part of what is happening tomorrow.

There’s a $25k matching gift on the line friends… anything you donate will be doubled.

Imagine the impact.



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There are days…

When I have little to no clue what I’m doing here, in this life, with these dreams, and with my junk drawer of mismatched talents.

I just don’t get it.

My life at times seems to resemble that bag that Mary Poppins had- she just kept pulling things out here and there, things that didn’t seem to fit, things that may not have made sense, other things that were simply magical, yet they all served some purpose to her. What do you do with what you have when it doesn’t seem to fit together?

You throw it out there and you let the pieces lay where they fall. *

*Disclaimer: this is in no way foolproof.

This past year had been such a fun and incredible journey with The Adventure Project and I have enjoyed every step of it. I knew that I would be part of typeTAP again this year and I was so excited to see how it would develop and how the bar would be raised. Well, our goal for March 22nd is 25k, this amount is going to be matched dollar for dollar by the INCREDIBLE Prem Rawat Foundation and ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves a 50k day.

I’m overwhelmed.

So what do I do with what the projects that I’m passionate about, and my Mary Poppins bag of talents? My campaign this time around… is a little bit different, a little more daring, and a whole lot more fun.

If you go here and donate more than $25: Tiffany’s Campaign Page

Email your mailing address here:

And I’ll send you a customized one of these:

I hope you consider getting involved this year, whether it be your second go-round with typeTAP or if it’s your first, we’d love to have you.


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Another Year, Another Adventure

This past year has been one of the most difficult, frustrating, and painful years I’ve ever had.

But, I’m blessed- because despite the difficulty of my 25th year, there was also much joy, love, and learning I was able to experience. One of the best, most influential part of my year was getting acquainted with Jody and Becky and their incredible grassroots organization, The Adventure Project

They way I’ve been challenged and inspired this year by their campaign has certainly played a major role in the ways I’ve developed my worldview this year. I’ve been so blessed to journey with them and be able to take the people in my life along with me.

This year for my birthday the thought of donating my celebration to the Haiti Campaign made sense. It was not a difficult or crazy idea to me whatsoever… however, the challenge of actually upping my goal to 26 stoves was daunting.

And then I remembered… I am surrounded by people who are just as concerned for others, who are just as committed to creating sustainable solutions and who are not only excited- but passionate about maintaining dignity. This was going to go just fine.

And here WE are… 28 stoves later and I’m blown away. We’ve breezed by 26 with no difficulty… and I’m once again reminded of the love and concern the Lord has placed in each of us for those who are in the midst of crisis. I feel so blessed.

 500,000 are still in tent camps, living in the rubble of their past lives- each day being reminded of the devastation and pain of two years ago. Yet, through the collective heart of The tribe of AdPro supporters, 662 families and counting now have a healthy, profitable tool that can improve their quality of life and income. What an incredible journey to be on.

So thank you, to everyone who gave me a stove for my birthday, turning 26 was made into a more beautiful and meaningful experience than I could have hoped for.

The work isn’t over though, if you haven’t checked out the campaign please do so. You won’t regret it. Consider the best $20 you’ve ever spent. 


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The Fight for Dignity

A few days ago Nicholas Kristof wrote a short report about a recent visit to a rape center in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The descriptions of story after horrifying story of girls as young as 2.5 MONTHS suffering and even dying from rape and STD’s was incredible. The nausea that swept over me while reading these accounts was overwhelming, I felt as though everyone should know about this, everyone should be aware, disgusted, and doing something.  Yet, we somehow don’t seem to connect the dots between our lives here and their lives overseas. Somehow, we allow it to be ok. We allow ourselves to remain unchanged and uninterested.

It doesn’t take an educated mind or critical deconstruction of history to see the events that have shaped the course of women’s rights. Many battles have been won here in the US; the right to vote, the right to equal pay and equal employment, even the simple privilege to be treated as an equal because it is demanded by society. However, the war is still raging on in developing nations as if they were stuck in the backwards thinking of societies from centuries past. In numerous nations we find that women are still regarded with little to no value, thought incapable of having a career and developing themselves into educated and valuable members of their community. It’s easy, so easy… to allow these tragedies to victimize women and girls like those in Kristof’s article. We are thousands of miles away, and we don’t have to suffer the same fear or humiliation… we just have to deal with the momentary disgust.

The issue of dignity for women is something you have already seen here and will continue to see, it will be the annoying and persistent water drop from a leaky faucet, I will always come back to it. But I will never dissect the topic without presenting a solution.

Photo by Esther Havens

You all have heard my passion and regard for the things that The Adventure Project is doing. I remain invested, engaged in the battles they fight against global poverty and for global dignity. Our current quarterly project is focusing on health care and dignity for women in Uganda. Throughout the month of October we hope to provide 500 women the opportunity to develop a career and save lives. Living Goods is the “Avon of Africa”, they supply healthcare providers all the things necessary to impact their community and treat women and children who are dying at an unbelievable rate from preventable diseases. Check out the campaign here.

I’ve created a fund-raising page with a huge goal, similar to the one you saw for the TypeTAP campaign. That campaign you guys knocked out of this world. Check it out and educate yourself on the cause. I’ll be digging into it more in the coming days, but for now- simply get a grasp on this, it’s just one solution of many to the issues facing women all over the world.

It’s a way to invest beyond yourself. It’s a way to change how you give.


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Famine in the Horn

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools on the planet, the influence it maintains over the world’s populus is astounding. One of the pro’s of networks like Twitter is that an individual is given access to a cultural thermometer, you can see what the world is currently interested in, cares about or is enraged over. The trending topics on Twitter today included; #scarymovierulestoliveby– just in case you find yourself in the next Saw movie or Scary Movie 17 and don’t want to end up the dumb dead girl, #whenImsmack–  and to be honest and unashamedly uncool, I’m clueless as to what that means but have a feeling it’s about drugs or alcohol, and #imthetypeofperson– which is an ongoing shoutout to what people think is so great about themselves.

This is interesting to me for one large and inexcusable reason: We are in the midst of one the largest humanitarian issues to face the 20th century. Understandably, we have heard that over and over again within the last few years. If it’s not a natural disaster killing thousands of people, it’s a preventable disease. It seems every time humanity almost gets back on its metaphorical feet another strike blows us over. The famine and drought in the Horn of Africa is no different from the rest of these issues: the magnitude of the need is staggering, the people are desperate, the conditions are worsening. The only difference here, no one seems to care. Social media outlets are almost devoid of any forthright acknowledgment of this tragedy, NPR lacks even one link to any sort of report regarding the Horn on their homepage today, and news sources are so plagued by the debt situation in America they refuse to place importance on this pesky issue.

As of yesterday in southern Somalia ALONE, around 29,000 children under the age of 5 have died in the last 3 months. There are over 400,000 displaced peoples in Daadab, the Kenyan border camp that is housing 7 times it’s capacity in refugees. Over 2 million have had to leave their homes in hopes of finding assistance. The death tolls are rising, medicine, food, and water are lacking and hope is fading.

So here we are, on the precipice of a decision that could save the lives of thousands, hundreds of thousands even. Are we as the human race going to take a stand against poverty, starvation and thirst? It’s natural to respond in the moment, when an earthquake hits or a tsunami wipes out a country, it’s not as easy to fight against the rising momentum of what seems to be a waking giant. But, it starts with one meal, it starts with one cup of water, one dollar.

If you don’t know where to start, who to give to, or what your part is in this check out World Help’s information. We have 2 containers of food prepared to ship, in the last 24 hours we’ve been able to raise the funds necessary to send one container, but we have a long way to go. Consider donating, raise awareness, pray for rain…

 World Help Donation Page

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“Spend the whole of your one wild & beautiful life investing in many lives & God will simply not be outdone.”

-Ann Voskamp



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It’s 6am, India’s heat index is rising already and the sun has only just risen. A woman walks down a trodden path through brush, fields, streets and filth. A few thoughts plague her mind… It’s not so much the pain from her jug filled with diseased water, or the growing ache in her belly from the tainted water, it’s not so much the fact while she is trudging this water back and forth each day she’s only barely keeping her family alive while the water kills them… no, it’s that her son is sick. He’s 8 years old and yesterday he was playing with his friends, yet somehow today- he can’t move, he can’t eat and he has diarrhea. The thought that plagues her is how she has watched this scene many other times and she is frightened of its outcome… dehydration and disease kills the loved ones of her village and every time the survivors just have to watch.

Typical story for a woman in India; she may be your age, maybe her son resembles yours, he may even have your son’s name, or your name, he may be your sons age. What is the only difference between her family and yours? Water. Her family could live and thrive just as your family does if they had access to it.

It’s tragedy.

The Adventure Project saw this need and decided to do something about it. By partnering with a unique organization in India, they have decided to raise $22,000 to help train mechanics to rebuild wells that are broken throughout the whole country. Men and women alike are gaining an education and then repairing the broken wells bringing water to thousands of THEIR OWN PEOPLE. This is empowerment at its finest.

This program does not just provide water, it provides:

  • Personal dignity
  • Local economy
  • Health
  • Jobs
  • Education

A sustainable solution, these are the things that every human being desires and has a right to.

What I am asking you, is that you take a moment and a few dollars and donate to the initiative that my dear friends and I developed over the past 2 weeks. Donate $20, $30, $50 or $100 and provide life for that little boy in India instead of ignoring him.

You can click on the picture on the left to donate or go here:

My Campaign Page:

To read more about the project in detail go here:

And here:

Don’t let yourself walk away from this opportunity, this initiative has the potential to bring clean water and disease free living to 10,800 people every year.

Let that sink in.

My goal is not $200 like the calculations spell out. I set a goal of $500 because I believe in the people I am connected to, I know that my friends and family believe in change as much as I do. So prove me right, take your lunch allowance this week, make some pb and j’s and donate that to this incredible cause.

P.S. Anything you give is going to be doubled thanks to The Prem Rawat Foundation. Mad love.

Water, like religion and ideology, has the power to move millions of people. Since the very birth of human civilization, people have moved to settle close to it. People move when there is too little of it. People move when there is too much of it. People journey down it. People write, sing and dance about it. People fight over it. And all people, everywhere and every day, need it.

-Mikhail Gorbachev



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