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I’ve always had a thing for dreary days. I blame it on my optimistically melancholic spirit.

I imagine that I was probably born on a rainy, dreary day (do not be alarmed, this does not mean I don’t like sunny days- who doesn’t love a sunny afternoon in a hammock?). Unfortunately my image of a poetic entrance into the world has been ruined, my mother tells me the day I was born was a sunny one… snowy, but sunny. Probably because I’m the light of her life, but that’s just my estimation.  Now, apparently my mother was trying to run around in the dead of New York’s January winter, riding on horse sleighs into the woods while in labor. The two of us have always been a bit over-ambitious. This leads me to my point…. in my 25 years some may say (in their list of 25 things, see below) that I haven’t been very ambitious, but I would submit that they are wrong.

I recently typed this search into google… don’t laugh…

I’m turning 25, what do I do?

I came upon this little gem, a list of 25 things to do- before you turn 25. I remember thinking the grand sum of my life could be determined by this man’s idea of an adolescence fully-lived. That’s when the nausea rolled in.

I tallied up my points on his little life scale and I have accomplished a grand total of: 15

I feel as though that is not such a bad number- not the best mind you, but not tragic. Which I have concluded is just fine. Because I’m making my own list… my list of 25 before 25. Now.. I’ve cheated, I have done all of these things already (but it’s my list so it’s my prerogative) but take this as advice all ye who are younger than me!

  1. Own a fish– I have had one or two in my life. But I just got one this weekend… Clive.
  2. Travel to a foreign country with your best friend– check and check
  3. Start a blog.. done.
  4. Smoke a pipe… or don’t… (Mom, you don’t see this.)
  5. Spend an evening in a Thai Hippie joint where the band only plays reggae
  6. Go spelunking
  7. Find an antique and bring it back to life
  8. Go on at least 15 photo shoots with your best friends
  9. Attempt to ride a long-board. You may not succeed… but that’s fine.
  10. Get a tattoo… or 3.
  11. Meet the Lord in a real and powerful way
  12. Learn how to paint (“paint” is a term I use loosely…)
  13. Meet an earthly hero. James MacDonald- check.
  14. Get a degree– even if it is just in life experience
  15. Learn how to cook one good meal– I guarantee it will come in handy someday
  16. Teach someone something– passing on knowledge= legit.
  17. Develop some immediate, near future and lifetime goals
  18. Take at least one great, long road trip with your best friends
  19. Dance in public– it does wonders for your insecurity
  20. Take a philosophy class
  21. Learn how to check your oil, air pressure and how to drive in snow
  22. Play a prank that has potential for serious trouble
  23. Ride an elephant
  24. Drive through the night and watch the sunrise
  25. Do something you once thought was impossible

I’m certain that each of these experiences in my 25 years has factored into who I am today and who I intend to be in the future. So, Happy Birthday to me and good luck to all of you who have yet to complete some of these milestones!



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