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here lie the bones.

Epitaph: A brief statement commemorating or epitomizing a deceased person or something past.

Each day I realize with growing certainty that my epitaph will; in all likelihood, resemble something close to-

“Here lie the bones of Tiffany Eriksen, a horrible wretch of a woman, selfish, proud and self-serving.”

So the question posed is, ‘What will your life speak about you when you’re gone?’ As you can see; if I were to… say, fall of my roof tonight as I go out for my nightly dose of star-gazing and die, I don’t know that my epitaph would say quite what I intended for it to.

A principle similar to my opinions on testimonies, I am convinced that when you form a simple summing up of your life, (the epitaph) it should wholly reflect the glory of God. When I just simply glance at what my life says about me through the lens of my daily sin filled life then that is exactly what I am, a horrible wretch of a woman.



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