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Hello. Also, I love you.

That’s exactly what I said to Mr. Daly when I met him today. In my head at least… I think I’ll say it out loud to him tomorrow.

Hello Mr. Daly. Also, I love you.

There is this theory running amuck out there, that states if you whisper sweet nothings, play classical music and affectionately use their given names– plants will live long and prosper.

I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Daly–

My friend Bekah; whom I learned today has a knack for giving gifts, presented me with this wonderful treasure as a late Christmas/ early birthday gift! ¬†And I love it. My plan, at the mercy of my fabulous coworkers is to nurture this little guy into a blooming frenzy! He is a succulent plant and while he won’t ever have any flowers, I’m sure he will outgrow his little mug in just a hot second.

I researched this- I’m not crazy.

Talk… just talk loud.


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